Orange Lutheran High School
Lutheran High School of Orange County
Orange, California


Restaurants, retail centers, and public works such as schools and government buildings.

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Lake Forest, California


Apartments, homes, townhomes, and condominiums.

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Our Story

Skyline was founded 10 years ago because we wanted to make a difference in the industry. We saw too many plastering companies worried more about making a quick buck than doing a quality job. As one of the finishing trades on a project, we take our responsibility seriously to make sure that we don’t cover up incomplete work. We add value to the job site by maintaining relationships and keeping an open line of communication with builders and other trades.

Safety is first and foremost for Skyline- we want to ensure that every team member goes home at the end of the day happy and healthy.

As a family owned business, we take personal pride in what we do. Skyline is committed to seeing our projects through with quality. We are here to serve the customer- to us, the biggest compliment is a referral.

Meet the Team

We look forward to the opportunity to connect and bid your project.
Please give our office a call at:
(714) 343-4775
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